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Technical Analysis

Emergency Risk Assessment

Emergency risk assessment is a process for detecting risk which threaten company employees, physical infrastructure and value-added operations at the present or in the future.

Operations, methods and procedures are reviewed within the process, then detailed employee interview is conducted an finally operational plan is developed with the results obtained based on TS, EN, BS and NFPA standards.

Emergency Risk Assessment includes:

  • Detailed field tour (Production/Office areas, technical volumes, infrastructure and service support elements)

  • Fire prevention and fire protection systems assessment (Fire detection and warning systems, gas and water extinguishing systems, fire engines, fire cabinets, portable extinguishers etc.)

  • Assessment of emergency exits, evacuations routes and assembly areas

  • Assessment of hazardous material storage spaces

  • Emergency Response Plans and Business Continuity Analysis

  • Detection and reporting other environmental findings which can affect company, its employees and production process.